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Apr 30, 2021

Central business districts have had a particularly tough time during the pandemic, with big ripple effects for all different kinds of businesses and organizations who normally rely on having much larger daytime populations downtown. That’s led to a lot of speculation about the future of these places, and how they’ll fare if certain pandemic-era trends like increased remote work prove to be sticky even after the public health recovery.

On the latest episode of our Home Rule podcast, we talked with Paul Levy, CEO of Center City District, about the outlook for Center City, what makes him optimistic about a strong rebound after the pandemic, and what city officials can do to leverage Philadelphia’s strengths for a full economic recovery. 

Center City District recently celebrated its 30 year anniversary, so we also discussed what things were like in 1991 when Levy first came on the job, the ingredients of CCD's economic after the 1990's, and why nobody should be satisfied to simply return to the strong-for-Philly growth trajectory that we’d been on prior to COVID-19.

Give it a listen at the link, and stay tuned for more episodes of Home Rule, part of the RADIOKISMET podcast network here in Philadelphia.